When is the right time to hire a probate attorney in Palm Springs, CA?

The legal system can be a complex realm to navigate and even more complex if you do not have the enough knowledge on how the processes work. In probate for instance, a lot of individuals experience this usual dilemma: when is the right time to hire a lawyer who is an expert in the field of probate?

The following can help you make better decision:

You are most likely in need of a probate lawyer when…

  • The estate cannot be transferred outside probate – assets such as those held in living trusts, those held in joint tenancy, and survivorship community properties can bypass probate. If your estate does not fall on categories like mentioned, then you will likely need a probate lawyer.
  • The estate you are dealing with does not qualify for the state’s simple ‘small estate’ procedures – some estates do need to undergo the probate process when they qualify for simple ‘small estate’ procedures, wherein you just need to produce a sworn statement (affidavit) to the entity or individual holding the asset (you can check for more information on affidavit for transfer of property at the California Court website)
  • The estate contains more than just common assets – common assets can include home, bank accounts, brokerage accounts. For assets that require management, appraisals or a business that needs to be sold, then you will most likely need professional help from a lawyer who is an expert in the probate processes.
  • The will is contested – when any family members making noise about suing or planning to take the matter to court, then help from a legal expert is necessary who can assist in avoiding a tiring and tedious court battle.

Finding a probate attorney, Palm Springs, CA

There are many lawyers in Palm Springs, CA and finding one that can help with probate can be challenging, but you may want to include Ficara Law Office in your list of prospects for probate attorneys. We have helped various clients in the past for all of their legal needs, including bankruptcy, living trust, estate planning, and probate. Contact us for inquiries.

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