My husband and I will always recommend this Law Office to anyone whom asks us for a referral seeking an attorney of high standards.

The knowledge of Attorney Ficara and the ease of understanding what we should expect in our case gave us a sense of assurance that we had chosen the correct Attorney to represent us.

His office staff was always welcoming and friendly. When we had a question for Mr. Ficara, he returned our call with an answer within a very reasonable time.

Mr. Ficara provided us with quality work and it was evident in the legal services given.


Timothy Dyer
& Corrine Dyer

During 2010 I had a friend in California pass away. Several years prior to his death he had asked me to serve as the executor of his will. Although I tried to dissuade him of this since I was living in New Mexico at the time, he was adamant and I could not refuse him this request. I did not realize that living out of state could cause more problems than just the distance involved.

While in California for the funeral, I examined my friend’s will and decided to contact the lawyer he used to prepare that document. It was a stroke of luck for me that the lawyer happened to be Ignazio Ficara. Mr. Ficara explained the steps we would have to follow to close the estate, which by the way included real estate in the form of a residence. An example of something I would never have considered was the requirement that I be bonded since I was not a California resident.

Since the real estate market in California was in a significant down turn, disposing of the residence took much longer than I could have imagined. Over the three year time period it took to close the estate, Mr. Ficara showed tremendous patience guiding me through the probate process with its many intricacies. Also, during this time frame one of the original heirs passed away and we incorporated three new heirs into the process. All of this was done via phone con with little to no misunderstanding or contention.
I would be remiss if I did not also commend Mr. Ficara’s office staff. They unfailingly took my calls, helped me when they could, and when they could not they ensured that my concerns were conveyed to Mr. Ficara quickly and accurately. They were consistently knowledgeable, competent and, of great importance to me, friendly. I cannot thank them enough.

Mr. Ficara retains my respect and my thanks. Should I ever again find myself in deserts of California and in need of an attorney, I would not hesitate to contact Ignazio Ficara for assistance.

R. L. RenderClovis, New Mexico

No one in my family ever declared bankruptcy nor anyone I knew so it was pretty scary when I decided to file for bankruptcy. Not to mention embarrassing. I put it off for as long as I could not really knowing what to expect. But after meeting with Mr.Ficara, I knew “everything was going to be alright”. He explained everything so I understood and never made me feel like I was “less-than” for being in financial crisis. He and his assistants helped me every step of the way. I felt safe because of his legal counsel and am grateful for all their hard work on my behalf. I realized early on after obtaining his services that I didn’t just hire a good attorney…I hired a good man.

J. Wall

Just a little note to thank you for drawing up a new “will” for straighten out my affairs I needed it done as soon as possible.

I enjoyed it all to learn about how important a New Will was needed.

Thanks again and God bless.

G. M. Sherer