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Legal Assistance with Planning, Organizing, and Transferring your Financial and Business Assets

estate planningMaking arrangements for your estate can be an emotional process. This is why Ignazio Ficara is dedicated to making the process of Estate Planning and documentation as easy as possible for all parties involved. He will provide personalized, dedicated service in all areas of Estate Planning and management.

As one of the top estate management law firms in Yucca Valley, the Ficara Law Office will expertly handle both simple and complex asset delegation and inheritance plans.

The Importance of Estate Planning

As hard as it may be to imagine a day when you will no longer be here to manage your own affairs, the reality is that things need to be in order before the time comes, so that all of your future wishes can be fulfilled. In a time of grief your loved ones will want to know what you had hoped for after your passing. This sensitive matter should not go without legal advice and verification. Enlisting a lawyer to explain and facilitate the process, as well as to ensure that your final requests are honored, is extremely important. Without legal documentation to verify your intentions, there is no guarantee that your estate will be distributed to your preferred recipients. Not having a legal estate plan in place can cause unnecessary grief and stress for your loved ones.

There are also several other important reasons why it is beneficial to establish an estate plan for your personal assets and business, such as the following:

  • If you pass on without a legal estate plan in place, the law will assume that you did not make any beneficiary choices for your finances, property, or business shares.
  • In a situation where there is no estate plan in place, your surviving family will be obligated to make decisions on your behalf that may not reflect your final wishes. In a time of grief, family members and loved ones should not be left to make difficult choices that may be affected by their emotional state. Without the proper resources and experience to manage estate decisions, they may feel overwhelmed by the process.
  • Even if your estate plan is not complex, you may still wish to have it documented by a lawyer so that it can be executed without argument at the time of your death. Because there are legal aspects to transferring financial and business assets to another person, you will still want to have these matters clarified in writing.

Who Requires an Estate Plan?

We all need to have our estate planned well ahead of time to guard against any unforeseen occurrences in life.

Estate Planning, for those who own and operate a business can be much more complex because there are often parties outside of the immediate family who are involved. Issues of percentage shares, succession, and future enterprise must be addressed. There may also be several complicated taxation issues that need to be clarified by a lawyer before the estate plan can be legalized.

Handling Your Estate Plan — Who to Trust

One of the main reasons many individuals delay the process of establishing their estate plan is because they are concerned about the uncertainties that may occur following their death. Because they cannot control what happens after they have expired they want to find someone whom they can trust to handle their affairs. Hiring a lawyer to help you compose and legalize an estate plan for your personal and business assets requires careful consideration. You want to enlist someone you can trust to keep things in order and delicately handle your estate wishes when the time comes. Not only are you looking out for your best interests, but also the individuals closest to you who may be affected by your death. It is extremely important that the attorney who creates your estate plan understands the importance of your final decisions and can assure you that your plan will be honored.

For over 30 years the Ficara Law Office has been providing respectable Estate Planning services for thousands of clients located in the Yucca Valley area. What makes the Ficara Law Office a top choice for Estate Planning and asset allocation is Ignazio Ficara’s unique promise to offer personal attention, experienced advocacy, and knowledgeable advice to those whom he serves. The experience offered by Ignazio Ficara guarantees that your final requests will be honored. He will offer the best legal advice possible to ensure that your estate is properly handled.

Estate Planning Services

If you currently own a business or are managing property without an estate plan in place, perhaps it is time that you consider consulting with Ignazio Ficara and having one written up. You can never predict what the future may hold. Feeling secure that your estate wishes are legally binding and will be carried out at the time of your death will bring peace of mind.

When you deal with an attorney who has your best interest in mind, composing a well-advised estate plan is an easy and effective way to guarantee that your future aspirations do not go unacknowledged.

Our office will work with you to create an estate plan that provides the protection you seek without any unnecessary confusion. We will discuss your concerns and your needs before recommending any type of estate plan. We feel that by understanding your situation, we can create an estate plan that is truly reflective of your goals.

Whether you need a Will, Living Trust or Powers of Attorney, Ignazio Ficara is here to help you decide what is best for your situation and how to proceed to get it done with the least amount of stress and worry.

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