Getting Help in Crafting Living Wills in Palm Desert, CA

Let’s tackle the definition first. What are living wills? These are documents created to ensure that one’s medical wishes are acknowledged or honored. In other words, these documents set specifics on how a particular person wants to be cared for in an emergency or in case that person is no longer capable of performing daily routine because of disability.

Primarily, living will documents are created to specify the wishes of the owner on topics such as resuscitation, desired quality of treatment that person likes, as well as end of life treatments, including treatments that person does not want to undergo.

Creating a living will

While one can create their own through the help of available pre-formatted documents and software online, many are getting help in crafting living wills in Palm Desert, CA from experts because the requirements for a living will vary from state to state. Having a legal professional / lawyer can be a great help to make the process less complex.

What’s the difference between the living will and durable power of attorney?

A living will specifies your desire on how you are to be treated medically – it does not appoint anyone to make a health care decision for you. The durable power of attorney, however, allows somebody to make the health care decision for you – your agent.

How living wills work

A lot of states have available forms for advance directives, which allow residents to specify their desires in as much or as little details as they would like. To make living wills in Palm Desert, CA valid, they must meet the state’s requirements about notarization or witnesses. Be reminded however that a living will can be revoked at any time desired. Living wills can take effect as soon as they are signed, or only during the time when it is determined that the person (who owns the living will) can no longer communicate his or her wishes regarding the treatment.

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